The Ghost Houses of Phylinecra - Pocket Pack

$50.00 CAD

Pocket Dungeons presents: The Ghost Houses of Phylinecra, a story-heavy, system-agnostic dungeon crawl!

The Ghost Houses of Phylinecra is a system-agnostic tabletop RPG zine, written by Shel Kahn.

The town of Phylinecra has suffered a terrible fate at the hands of a torrential flood, but as the townsfolk try to rebuild and restart in the aftermath, they find their home invaded and their loved ones encased by ghostly crystalline forms of the houses they lost.

Solving this mystery will take adventurers to the Blessed Isle and into the Red Caves to face the Goddess in her own territory. Will they find the connections between her world and theirs? Can they untangle this haunting mystery?

This is a Pocket Dungeon Pack, a deluxe kit designed to launch a campaign or run smoothly as a one-shot. Each pack comes complete with:

  • 52 page 3.5 x 7" black and white zine
  • Two colour printed chiffon fabric maps
  • 12 carnelian crystal tokens
  • 1 cursed pencil
  • 1 custom pencil case
  • Seven GM forms for tracking play

PDFs are also available on Gumroad!

All prices are in CAD.