The Corruption of Pelursk Tote Bag

$25.00 CAD

There's no souvenir quite like a tote bag - it can travel with you to whichever uncanny realms and eldritch planes you journey to, and tell the story of your prior adventures! If you yourself have been to the Isle of Pelursk, then of course you need this tote! But perhaps you haven't - perhaps you've only heard tell of this cursed land? No matter - no one will know. They'll be too entranced by the hot glow of those submarine crystals. You can't go wrong!

At 16 x 13", and 3" deep, this tote holds a lot, and it's tough enough to stand up to the test of time and space! The vibrant art is printed on a durable poly-canvas, and the cotton straps are comfortable without losing their structure. Easy to freshen up, wash this tote on cold, dry it on medium, and take it to all the exciting new realms you visit!

Made in Canada, this item will ship separately from books and zines. All prices in CAD.