The Burning Eye Toque in Sage and Silver

$25.00 CAD

Tis the season to feel the cold entropy of the universe sneaking in through your skull, chilling your very soul - but you can defend against this! Presenting two - TWO! - potential aids in the battle against the heat death of the known world: toques emblazoned and embroidered with the Burning Eye! That's right, ol' Candleye, possessor of the sizzling stare, whose waxy visage's heated glare gazes from the depths of unknown hells, will lend their image to your defense this winter.

These toques, in sage with a golden eye and silver with a black eye, are snug, stretchy and form-fitting, stylishly announcing to the world that you will not go unprepared into that dark, snowy,, eldritch night.

They are 12" in length, made from 100% turbo acrylic, hypoallergenic and hand-washable, and they will ship separately from most other things in this catalogue.

All prices in CAD.