Seven Odd Islands - Playmat/Tapestry

$60.00 CAD

Finally, a map of the narrow straights and windy shores of this strange archipelago! Seven Odd Islands await you, home to friends both terrestrial and marine, and in this tapestry format this map is ready to be enjoyed on the walls of big explorers, or spread out on the floor among all the toys and tools of small explorers!

In user tests, children under 7 who were offered this map to play with each picked an island where they lived, and approximately 50% of children specifically chose the volcano island because, as they told us, it was a volcano. Please remember to supervise children under 3, as in our experience they get really quiet and whisper "ghost!" a bunch when they notice the Crystal Island's residents.

At 54 x 39" - over 4 x 3 feet large - this is a statement piece, and we've printed it on the coziest of upholstery fabrics, a plush, robust and incredibly sturdy velveteen. A heavy canvas facing gives this piece structure wherever you display it, and the 80 000 double rub count means this will stand up to foot traffic, machine washes, tumble dryers and the most aggressive of play.

This map will be shipped with unfinished edges. While perfectly enjoyable in that state, this means it is also ready to be trimmed or worked into whatever purpose you have in mind for it. Shipping with unfinished edges allows us to keep shipping costs to an absolute minimum.

All prices are in CAD, and these tapestries will ship separately.