Realm of the River Dragon - Magical Fantasy Playmat, 24" x 36"

$50.00 CAD

The River Dragon oversees a region of charming homes, lively swamps, good sailing, and some slightly spooky spots too. Now you and your local young adventurers can visit this realm yourselves, on this 2 x 3' indoor/outdoor rug!

100% polyester, with a nonslip black rubber back and sturdy trimmed edges, this durable rug will entertain for years to come, whether you throw it on your gaming table, on the floor in the playroom, or on the balcony or patio all summer long. Spot clean as needed, or use a light mist of scotch guard or similar products for high traffic spots.

These rugs will ship in a large, 4lb box, from the US, separately from other products.

All prices in CAD.