Pocket Dungeon Pack - The Corruption of Pelursk

$50.00 CAD

Pocket Dungeon Packs presents: The Corruption of Pelursk, a tabletop RPG dungeon zine with fabric hexcrawl!

The Corruption of Pelursk is a system-agnostic tabletop RPG dungeon, written by Shel Kahn. The Isle of Pelursk holds a glowing, steaming, mist-shrouded secret at its heart, and once you've entered its clutches it does not want to let you leave.

Designed to fit easily as a 2-4 session sidequest into an ongoing campaign or stand confidently on its own, The Corruption of Pelursk launched May 15th 2018 as a Pocket Dungeon Pack!

Each pack comes complete with:

  • 60 page 3.5 x 7" black and white zine
  • 17 x 17" fabric map of the island
  • twelve 1.5" fabric hexes
  • a patch of the cover art
  • a matching pencil
  • all tucked into a 9 x 4" canvas zippered pouch.

If you already purchased this zine and would just like the fabric assets, those are now available to purchase as well! Choose the second option, "JUST THE FABRIC ASSETS" and receive everything you need to turn your already-owned Corruption of Pelursk zine into a full Pocket Dungeon Pack!

PDFs are also available on Gumroad!

All prices are in CAD.