Canvas Patch - Crystal Skull Sorcerer

$8.00 CAD

Adorn yourself with the image of one of the wisest and most learnèd of sorcerers, the Crystal Skull sorcerer. This erudite and solemn wizard sees much and feels the rippling of reality as beings transcend form and realm to endanger or empower those of us who can detect them. Haloed by his signalling bones, he can sense even the smallest vibrations along the leylines of reality. Also he has great taste in regal and colourful robes!

This 6 x 4" patch is printed on poly canvas here in Canada. The poly canvas is strong, sturdy, and vibrant, perfect for that canvas bag you've been meaning to decorate or that denim jacket that needs something special. Sew it on with a striking contrast colour for a dramatic eye catching addition.

These are easy to care for: just machine wash in cold water, dry on medium heat, and if particularly wrinkled, iron on synthetic setting. Grab one now to accessorize with magic and mystery!

All prices are in CAD.