About Us

Are you looking for PDFs?
Head to our Gumroad store!

what's all this then?
The Sorcerer's Catalogue is your resource for fantastic and esoteric everyday goods - clothes, stationary, bags and pouches, books and games and, of course, art.

what's that strange thing staring at me?
So you've noticed The Burning Eye! Don't mind them. They just keep an eye, haha, on things around here. If you think they're neat, we've put together a few things featuring their waxy visage for you to peruse right here.

wait, so who made these things? 
They were designed by Shel Kahn, artist extraordinaire and purveyor of strange adventures, impossible visions and enticing maps. If you want to know more about the artist, you'll want to head to the Portable City and ask around.

so this is a mail order catalogue?
Indeed! Thanks to the glory of the internet it's much more regularly updated, but you'll want to check back for our seasonal and annual specials. We believe that even the strangest of sorcerers like a fresh wishbook now and then.

where are things shipped from?
Some things come from Toronto, Canada, some from Montreal, some from the United States. We can't promise that your whole order will be in the same envelope so keep an eye on which products ship separately. Believe it or not, after much scrying and consulting of eldritch shipping cost tomes, we are confident that this is the most cost-effective way to ship things!

so what currency am i paying you in?
We were initially planning on accepting only alchemically neutral metals, but so far no internet payment provider will allow us to choose that as a currency! So we compromised, and everything is listed in alchemically neutral Canadian dollars. If you're using a different currency you might want to check the exchange rate, it could be strongly in your favour!

how will my purchase be shipped?
We pack everything up nicely, usually wrapped in padded envelopes and careful pleas to the chaos gods for protection. Anything worth over $60 is shipped with tracking, because we know not everyone has a crystal ball.

how long does shipping take?
Please leave six weeks for packing and shipping - our diverse fulfillment staff are (disappointingly) only human and they do their best. If you've ordered a pre-order, the product page should have specific timeline information for you - make sure to make note!

something got damaged!
Please email our helpful admin with clear, focused, well-lit documentation of the damages so they can assist you in setting things right. Despite our best potions, they are not yet psychic.

my package hasn't shown up!
Please email our helpful admin with your order number, so we can check the tracking information. If the local shipment provider says it has been delivered, we will provide you with everything you need to follow up with them yourself, as outside of Canada our shipping powers are useless, unfortunately.

i've purchased the wrong size!
Email with your particular situation and we'll see what can be done. We aren't one of your infernal omnipotent Mega-Corp Walmart types, but we always want you to be happy with your catalogue purchases!

something i was saving to buy later has sold out or disappeared!
Here at the Sorcerer's Catalogue we believe in the ephemeral, the meaning that is given to life through the passing of time, the constant imperative of change, the beautiful cycle of death and regrowth... but we've also got a little limited necromancy on the staff roster, so if there's something you're sorry you missed, send us an email and we'll see what we can do!

where can i learn more?
The quest for knowledge is a glorious one, so let us encourage you to follow us on Instagram and to sign up for the mailing list, for those two things are sources of great foreknowledge about The Sorcerer's Catalogue! Just be sure to use that knowledge for good!

how can i participate further?
Shel Kahn, our illustrious artist, has a Patreon, where it is rumored she often shares process work and plans. Backing that will give you access to the inner circle behind this catalogue.

Thank you kindly for perusing our fine and fantastic wares! Stay a little strange, friends!